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Inspired by the pioneering work of José Val del Omar in the mid-20th century, Aguaespejo 2.0 aims at offering a dreamy, psychedelic interpretation of the cultural and architectural heritage in Granada (Spain). This project started in the context of the travel bans and lockdown restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. Voided of tourists, busy streets, and loud activity, the city was just sitting there waiting to be reimagined and interpreted. All images in Aguaespejo 2.0 were created using different analog manipulation techniques, including double exposures, filmsoup, creative lens filters, and sun printing, among others. Below are some of the images from this project. All images © 2022 Carlos Del Río; their commercial and non-commercial use is prohibited. 

Alhambra, Granada (Spain)
Alhambra, Granada (Spain) filmsoup
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