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Thanks for stopping by! My name is Carlos and I was born in Granada (Spain) in 1988. As far as I can recall, both science and art have been the two main driving forces in my life since I was fairly young. In my quest to unravel the mysteries of our (sleeping) brain, I became a neuroscientist and studied/worked in several countries, including Iceland, USA, The Netherlands, and Switzerland.

Inspired by my scientific background, my goal in photography is to push the limits of experimentation using analog techniques. One frame at a time, I use a wide range of tools to experiment with images and alter reality as we see it. Ultimately, I am drawn to the parallelisms between experimentation in the science lab and image manipulation in-camera and in the darkroom. For me, the never-ending possibilities for image creation using chemistry, physics, optics, or mechanics make the creative process as crucial as the outcome.  

My photographic work has been featured in specialized magazines and has been exhibited in galleries and photography festivals. After participating in several group exhibitions, I opened my first solo show ‘Aguaespejo 2.0’ in Granada (Spain) in December, 2022. Inspired by the pioneering work of José Val del Omar in the mid-20th century, ‘Aguaespejo 2.0’ aimed at offering a dreamy, psychedelic, and somewhat mystical interpretation of the cultural and architectural heritage of Southern Spain. 


My second solo show ‘Good Gravy!’ opened at the Silo Eléctrico Gallery in Granada (Spain) in February 2024. ‘Good Gravy!’ (also now a photozine and photobook in the making) is my visual lab notebook summarizing 5 years of experiments involving food-related manipulations of photographic film.


As part of my artistic journey, I have also collaborated with film brands, featured magazine articles, and collaborated with several bands and book authors to create impactful and memorable covers and artwork. 


Lately, I have had the opportunity to teach a series of experimental photography workshops in local film labs and galleries. Through teaching, I hope to inspire junior photographers to embark themselves in the fascinating world of alternative processes.

I am always happy to explore new avenues for artistic collaboration. Feel free to reach out by sending an e-mail to or via Instagram (@theaffablegraindealer). 

Stay safe,


Carlos Del Rio Bermudez; Granada; fotografía analógica; film photography; fujifilm; nikonf3

Carlos Del Rio-Bermudez, 2022

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