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Thanks for stopping by! My name is Carlos and I was born in Granada (Spain). As far as I can recall, both science and art have been the two main driving forces in my life since I was fairly young. In my quest to unravel the mysteries of our (sleeping) brain, I became a neuroscientist and studied/worked in several countries, including Iceland, USA, The Netherlands, and Switzerland. For many years, photography was simply a tool for me to document these travels and the people I encountered along the way. However, this recently changed when I got myself into the vast world of analog photography. One frame at a time, analog techniques allow me to use a wide range of tools to experiment with images and alter reality as we see it. Ultimately, I am drawn to the parallelisms between scientific experimentation in the laboratory and analog manipulations in the (dark)room. For me, the never-ending possibilities for image manipulation using chemistry, physics, optics, or mechanics make the PROCESS even more interesting than the OUTCOME. 

I am currently working on what will be my first photobook. 'Aguaespejo 2.0' will focus on offering a dreamy and often psychedelic interpretation of the cultural and architectural heritage of the city of Granada (Spain). Visit the 'Aguaespejo 2.0' section for more information. 

My art has been featured in specialized magazines and exhibited in both virtual and on-site galleries and photography festivals. I am particularly interested in collaborating with bands and musicians to create impactful album art (see 'Album Art' and 'Portraiture' sections for a few examples).  

I am always happy to explore new avenues for artistic collaboration. Feel free to reach out by sending an e-mail to or via Instagram (@theaffablegraindealer). 

Stay safe,


Carlos Del Rio Bermudez; Granada; fotografía analógica; film photography; fujifilm; nikonf3

Carlos Del Rio-Bermudez, 2022

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